Studio Insights

The Art of Account Management

Meet Amy, our Account Manager, HERO and your new best friend.

Turns out a bunch of you have no idea what an account manager does…”managing the money, reconciling the bank accounts…?”. No, and nope.

In an agency, an account manager is responsible for a group of clients and their projects. It’s Amy’s job to take your brief (the client), understand it, communicate it with the creative team, and make it happen on brief, on time and on budget! BOOM. (Plus a bunch more which we won’t go into today because it would make this post too long).

There’s a real art to Account Management, so we asked Amy to give you a run down on what it takes to run a successful project (take note because she’s a wizard at it).

“Every project should always start with a clear road map and understanding of the project ahead. I’ve found over the years, the key to keeping everything on track is ensuring the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved are crystal clear, including the client.

Sounds like a no brainer, right, but it’s better to lay it all out on the table than be picking up pieces at the last minute. A clearly defined scope of work is vital and a great way to identify what will be done and who will be responsible for each task.

With this, I draw up a timeline to show the milestones of each task and the due dates. This keeps the creative team accountable for their time, and it helps our clients to see what we are working on and holds them accountable to deliver on their end too (think copy, imagery, measurements etc). We’re all human and delays happen, but this way we can clearly see the impact it may have and where we can make up for lost time.

At the end of the day I’m an extension of our clients team and I love our projects to feel seamless and more importantly fun, so bringing a ‘yes man’ attitude and a joke here and there goes a long way too!”

What a legend. We wouldn’t be able to do it with out you Amy!