Some play it sensible.
Some keep it conventional.
Some live life on the sidelines.
We’re all about taking a shot at something bigger.
Pushing beyond the ordinary, and changing the game.
You’ve got the passion, the curiosity & the drive.
We’ve got your back.
We dare you to try.

We are Bandit®. A Sydney based brand experience studio consciously and purposefully designing a brand’s entire customer journey to give businesses The Unfair Advantage.

Female led, Bandit brings together young and curious minds with a unique ability to understand people on a deeper level. By being tapped into cultural and industry trends, we build brands that have influence and impact your competitors just can’t match.

The Unfair Advantage

The unfair advantage is your secret weapon to win in today’s world. We’ll help you understand what is uniquely yours and bring it to life through unforgettable brand experiences.

Bridging the gap between your Brand Strategy and Customer Experience, we take a holistic approach to ensuring the essence of your brand is filtered over every single customer touch point, tangible and intangible, giving you the power to influence the market in a way that others can’t.

The Gameplay

  • Strategy
    Your secret weapon
  • Direction
    Now aim
  • Design
    Get locked & loaded
  • Execution
    Shoot your shot
  • Keeping on track
    Reload & repeat

What We Do

  • Strategy
  • Naming
  • Brand identity
  • Verbal identity
  • Brand experience
  • Art direction
  • Content Creation
  • Campaigns
  • Websites
  • Packaging
  • Digital + print design
  • Copywriting

What We Don’t

  • Mondays
  • Name our layers
  • Think inside the box
  • Sing quietly
  • Miss birthdays
  • Eat the lunch we brought
  • Water the plants
  • Play basketball
  • Follow the rules
  • Manage screen time
  • Measure our gin
  • Traffic
  • Run for the bus
  • Take ourselves too seriously
  • Push pixels
  • Work for free

Meet our people* (a.k.a The Bandits)


Good Design Awards – Communication Design Gold 2022
Telstra Best of Business Award – Accelerating Women Finalist 2023
AGDA Design Awards – Brand Identity Finalists Nancy Ganz 2023
AGDA Design Awards – Brand Identity Finalists Roomie 2023
AGDA Design Awards – Brand Identity Finalists Rebalance 2023