We are deeply committed to the well-being of both people and the planet. We understand the importance of supporting and nurturing the brands of tomorrow, those that are dedicated to making a positive impact on the world. We actively seek and collaborate with such brands, recognising their potential to create meaningful change and address pressing global challenges. By supporting these forward-thinking companies, we amplify their efforts and contribute to a better future. We strive to foster a culture of innovation, ethical practices, and social responsibility, ensuring that our actions align with our vision of a better world for generations to come.

B Corp Certified

As a B Corp, we have undergone a rigorous assessment that evaluates our business practices, transparency, and overall impact on society and the environment. This certification serves as a testament to our dedication to using business as a force for good.

Carbon Positive

More than just a carbon-neutral organisation—we are carbon positive. We are proud to partner with Trace to achieve this by measuring our carbon footprint, learn how we can reduce our emissions and offset them. From investing in renewable energy projects to supporting reforestation efforts, our collaboration with Trace allows us to make a tangible difference in combating climate change.

Last year we offset 44.3 tonnes of Co2, and further contributed to offset a further 22 tonnes of Co2 to make our carbon footprint positive by 151%. Check out our Trace impact page.

Impact Report

3% time spent on pro-bono projects
2 annual paid volunteer days per employee
150% carbon positive

In the works

While we are proud of our commitment to social and environmental responsibility, we recognise that there is always room for improvement. We understand that the journey towards becoming a more responsible business is ongoing and requires continuous effort and adaptation.
Areas we are actively working on are: reduce total energy used, maximise use of renewable energy, and improve education about sustainable packaging.