Creating Trust

Building a Brand Story

Your brand is a living thing, it has the opportunity to tell an ongoing story. A story about you, your services, your products, the lifestyle you’re selling.

Your brand story has the potential to make your brand wildly influential to your target audience if you can nail it on the head, it will kick-off your know-like-trust factor which will lead to brand loyalty.

True magnetic customers don’t just buy your product, they buy your brand and more importantly your brand story. I like to call them super-fans. They’re the kind of customers who love everything you do, no matter what, they’re your cheerleaders and tell every man and his dog about you.

A brand story is the weaving thread through all that you do.

It is a narrative that encompasses the feelings that are created by your brand. It can be a real or a conjured up story, the only thing that matters is that it’s clear and easy to follow.

Your brand story and how you tell it is what sets you apart from your competitors because it’s unique to you. If you can craft a compelling brand story, your audience will give you their hearts and loyalty because they care about you, and ultimately, want to buy from you to feel connected and be a part of your beliefs, your journey and your way of life.

So, how do you go about starting to put together your brand story?

Start by writing down things like:

Why did you start your business?
What do you hope to achieve with your business?
Who do you do it for?
What are you most passionate about?
What’s the most rewarding thing you do?
Why are you different from your competitors?

From here, you’ll see some common themes pop up and it will help you become really aware of what you want to tell your audience, what you want them to believe in and feel a part of.

Your brand story should be weaved through all of your communication with customers – your website copy, social media captions and videos, it should also influence your marketing messaging.

The strongest of visual brands are connected to your brand story and will tell it visually. That’s why the first thing we do in our studio when starting on a new brand project, before going anywhere near the tools, is to deep dive into your brand strategy before we bring it into the visual realm. If you want to chat brand or get the professionals on board, you know who to call.