Tips for Killer Branding

Hook, Line & Sinker

Your brand can have an incredible story, tonnes of life and be deeper than a Coldplay ballad, but if you don’t have a strong cohesive identity, that will all be lost. Call us biased, but we think branding is the single most important asset to a business. To snag your ideal customer, we have put together three tips to reel them in hook, line and sinker.

1. Hook – Look your best

The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text (crazy, right?). Your brand’s visual identity is usually the first impression on a potential customer, so you sure as sh*t are going to want to make sure your visual identity is looking schmick. Having a logo that is unique and memorable is one thing, but having a cohesive brand identity suite will take you to the next level. Any good brand identity will equip you with a logo, brand marks, colours, fonts, imagery and an overall design style that can be rolled out across every. single. thing. you. do.

The strongest visual brands are connected to your brand story and will tell it visually. That’s why the first thing we do in our studio when starting on a new brand project, before going anywhere near the tools, is to deep dive into your brand story.

2. Line – Tell your story

True magnetic customers don’t just buy your product, they buy your brand and more importantly your brand story. Your brand story and how you tell it is what sets you apart from your competitors because it’s unique to you, and it’s your job to OWN it. Your story should resonate with your businesses vision, mission and values. If you can craft a compelling brand story, your audience will give you their hearts and loyalty because they care about you, and ultimately, want to buy from you to feel connected and be a part of your journey. Your brand personality also comes into play here. Your brand voice is what connects your story to your customers. It should aim to resonate with them on a deeper level and influence them to act.

3. Sinker – Be consistent

Consistency is everything. Without consistency, you may as well not do any of the above, really!

Ensuring consistency across every single one of your customer touchpoints visually and verbally will kick start your customers to develop trust and loyalty with your business. Put simply, the number one reason people don’t buy from a business is because of a lack of trust.

Take a quick audit of your customer touchpoints; are the visuals, messaging consistent? If not, then it’s time to pull them into line quick smart. A constantly changing brand just doesn’t cut it. That’s why it’s so important to develop standards for brand consistency across all touchpoints.