Your Unique Element

Why Type is Important for Brands

We’re strong typography enthusiasts here at Bandit. Designing a custom typeface for a brand identity is an important element to be unique in the market and express personality, ethos and vision.

Our senior designer Ash is an expert at unearthing the expressive essence of a brand through typographic exploration.

Hear from Ash below on the different aspects we consider when designing and selecting typefaces.

With a focus on purpose-driven design, at Bandit, we weave a combination of personality traits, audience characteristics and brand values through our logos and custom typography to create something that hits all of the right notes. A brand’s personality is expressed through many elements of its identity, the type being a large factor. The way a word looks influences the way we say it, affects the way we think of it, and changes how we feel about it – which are all important things to consider when designing and choosing the right style.

Ensuring our clients have some seriously solid brand recognition and alignment with their vision and ethos, we research their businesses inside and out, to ensure our design decisions are created for their audiences and resonate on a deep level.

Our finely-tuned process enables us to deliver the brand’s message, whilst conveying the mood and personality the brand is known and loved for through artfully composed lettering.

So before you think about choosing a font on Canva, think about its form and what it says about your brand.