The Digital MVP

Websites are the Backbone to Business

E-commerce and websites have unarguably been the digital lifeline for small businesses in 2020-21, and no doubt forever moving forward. The MVP that has endeavoured to tell your audience every little thing they need to know about you, your service or your product, to keep the calls coming and the sales thriving. Our web design and UX guru, Alanna, shares why stretching the budget to create digital experiences that reflect those you rock IRL are so important.

At Bandit we always tell our clients creating brands with human connection is the cornerstone to their business’s success – and same goes for how you pour that wild and wonderful brand story into your digital presence.

In this fast moving digital world we know all too well, you are always one click away from an abandoned cart, or a competitor on another tab. That’s why investing in web experiences that truly capture the people inside your brand is so important to help you stand out from the pack.

For me, understanding consumers’ needs and wants is the foundation of a successful web design. When I begin a web project, I imagine I am the consumer – I deep dive on what they care about, how much time they have, and what brought them here. Throughout the project, I ask myself how I can guide them to finish what they came here to do in the most foolproof, simple capacity. At Bandit, I am lucky enough to have badass development teams and industry-leading web development tools at my fingertips, making almost anything possible.”

Any designer will tell you it is an art to bring an in-store and in-person experience into the digital realm, and with every brand comes different challenges. Investing in custom web design means you have experts by your side every step of the way helping you to create a website that is uniquely yours and a presence that captures the brand story you have worked so hard to nail.