Sydney, AU


Organic cotton bedding

Out with linen, in with soft, buttery, loveable cotton goodness. We Are Roomie, brings to life a new generation of cotton sheets. This industry shifting brand required us to get creative and introduce the new kid on the block with a bang.


  • Brand Identity
  • Print + Digital Design
  • Strategy
  • Website

The Soundtrack

We used a balance of neutral and vibrant colours, and clean and playful type to create a brand identity that could boost your mood and foster that “Add to cart” energy. The human centric brand experience is community focussed, bringing a whole lot of joy to anyone who dreams of getting into bed with a new kind of Roomie.

Offering accessible products, the Roomie identity personifies the affordable and high quality value of the offering at all touch points. It is all parts: playful, impactful, unique and refined. The sans serif type selection speaks to Roomie’s understated charm and confidence, while the paired back lettering features slightly quirky characteristics that subtly express the brand’s friendly, cheeky personality.