Sydney, AU

Sage Space

Luxury dental rituals

Sage Space reimagines dentistry by shattering stereotypes, and making your dental visits a ritual that’s looked forward to. Collaborating with talented creatives, we crafted a brand and experience where dentistry intersects with wellness. Our mission was to dismantle common barriers, transforming fear into comfort and reluctance into curiosity, making dental care an empowering experience.


  • Art Direction
  • Brand Experience
  • Brand Identity
  • Strategy
  • Website

The Soundtrack

Collaborating with copywriter Tessa Hawthorn and interior design team Strutt Studios, we curated a unique brand, space and experience where dentistry harmonies with wellness. Gone are the cold clinical atmospheres; instead, Sage Space exudes warmth and intrigue, designed to soothe anxieties and evoke serenity.

By considering all of the human senses, we created a brand experience that truly integrates elements of wellness at all touch points. From scent, to music, comforting textures, team uniforms and considered scripting, the Sage Space experience is like no other dentist you’ve visited before.