Auckland, NZ

Hello Lover

A sexual wellness platform

Hello Lover is a sexual wellness store transforming the outdated sex shop industry. For too long sexual pleasure has been poorly marketed and hyper sexualised. Hello Lover is a bid to remind people that pleasure and intimacy are a form of self-care. We worked with the Hello Lover team to create a brand and e-commerce platform that invites the comfortable, the curious and the confused to indulge in pleasure. Ultimately, defying the typical sex store demeanour at every opportunity.


  • Brand Identity
  • Print + Digital Design
  • Strategy
  • Website

The Soundtrack

This brand identity is revolutionising the sex shop industry to make intimacy better for everyone. Long mired in shame – sex is up for discussion at long last, and Hello Lover is leading the conversation, eradicating outdated statements like ‘guilty pleasure’, because why feel guilty about getting it on?

Gone are the days of seedy sex stores. The e-commerce mecca is built to take sexual wellness shopping to a whole new level. Designed to attract all genders and a 25-40 year old audience, the brand is guaranteed to ignite sexual self-care across the southern hemisphere