Sydney, AU


The app for business owners

Boa is an app for business owners to connect, share, learn and grow together. The identity needed reflect the safe, creative, relatable and relaxed environment of the social networking platform. From the logo to the graphics we’ve brought the mess and the tech-forward, welcoming, real, and personable presence of the brand to life.


  • Brand Identity
  • Strategy

The Soundtrack

The brand patterns and palette are intended to bring edge, personality and depth to the brand collateral. They are a celebration of the mess, the risk and the fun of business ownership. They further divulge that Boa is a place to bare it all in a safe environment – reaching out to the Boa community to solve your latest business mishap, or celebrate hitting those KPIs.

Shapes and hand drawn elements accentuate and bring attention to the brand messaging and key words. The scribble meets clean lines aesthetic is a brand wide ode to a business owner waking up in the middle of the night and jotting down a “grand!* idea.