Packaging Design

Packing is more than just a vessel for your product. It's a crucial interaction with your customer that has the power to be evocative, transformative and memorable. With consumers shifting in their purchasing trends, brands need a packaging solution that works as well on a store shelf as it does as a product thumbnail.

We design packaging that’s as visually pleasing as it is practical. We transform big ideas into tangible solutions that help brands grow and get noticed.

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From concept development to print-ready artwork, we craft packaging designs that elevate brands, delight customers and scream “add to cart”.

Preliminary Planning

First, we’ll meet for an initial briefing where we’ll get an in-depth understanding of who you are as a brand, what your product offering is and how your packaging plays a role in your brand experience.

Mood Board

As a precursor to our design process, we’ll craft a mood board that sets the aesthetic tone for your packaging. It will give you an idea of the look and feel of the packing, including any special touches or finishes that will elevate the design and experience.

Die Lines & content

Once we’re ready to begin design, we’ll request some details from your supplier. This includes your packaging type and the text, barcodes, and any other assets to be applied to the package.

Design & Review

Here’s where you’ll see the concept brought to life as we provide your design on your die line. If you’d like to see and touch your packaging, you can have samples made to ensure everything is looking immaculate.

During this stage, we welcome your comments and feedback. Our packaging service includes three rounds of changes, so there’s plenty of room for variation and refinement.


Once we’ve finalised the design, you’ll receive the final files for your print-ready packaging.


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