Brand Strategy

Burgeoning brands don’t just look beautiful - they’re built from solid foundations geared towards achieving big juicy business goals.

A brand strategy is a blueprint for you to follow in every aspect of your business, in order to build a brand with substance and a story that you can be proud of. We dig deep into shaping your audiences perceptions of your business and strategies to achieve big brand love. At Bandit, we create strategies that encompass all of the different layers of your brand. We cover all of the brand foundations including your vision, mission, values, brand personality, tone of voice, target audience, positioning, and much more.

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Our brand strategy workshops are an intensive deep-dive that gives you a clear path to accomplishing your objectives. We’ll arm you with elements that can be swiftly and seamlessly adopted across applications so that you have a cohesive and strong brand essence.

How we do it

We’ll kick off with a 2-hour workshop and series of activities that will allow us to collaboratively define your brand foundations.

Together, we’ll cover…

  • Vision, Mission & Values
  • Brand Personality
  • Tone of Voice
  • Offerings
  • Positioning & Competitors
  • What makes you different
  • Target Market
  • Brand Experience
  • Visual Identity Mood board

Walk away feeling confident

Harnessing our creative collective, we’ll give you a document covering our research, insights and directions. You’ll walk away with a beautiful Brand Strategy Toolkit that provides you a blueprint to follow to achieve your business goals through your brand.


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