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We help brands become bigger, better and braver using our signature mix of intelligent ideas, strategic vision and expert execution.


Our business-focused approach to design means that we build brands that disrupt, flourish and accelerate growth.

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The Gang

We’re a small team with big creative energy. Nimble and clever, we’re big on collaboration, originality and radical ideas that drive results.

We spend our days immersed in the worlds of business and design, meaning we're tuned into the latest in culture and research. In combination with our diverse creative skill sets, we deliver innovative concepts with emotional and tangible impact.

Mikeila Scheckenbach

Owner & Creative Director

Mikeila Scheckenbach is the Founder, Creative Director and Brand Strategist of Bandit, based in Sydney. An expert in remarkable branding, Mikeila has combined her experience in design and creative concept development to create Bandit Design Group, working with clients across the globe. With 10 years of experience as a designer, her skills are grounded in crafting immersive brands. Her bread and butter is understanding people's visions, their target audiences and visualising unique creative solutions that have substance. She’s passionate about creating a studio that’s genuinely fun to be a part of, where clients reap the rewards and everyone is having a good time. With a toolbox of university degrees and experience in industries ranging from property to fashion, Mikeila delivers outcomes for clients that solve problems, tell stories and create connection and meaning.


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