Running a High-Performing Design Team Remotely

May 31, 2021

Mikeila Scheckenbach

As a team who have been working remote from day dot, we reckon we have a few handy tips about running a high-performing team remotely for those who might be starting the remote working gig with their teams for the first time. What better time to share them than now in this wild time we are in.

Without further ado, here are our 3 top tips to ensure your projects are still running smoothly and Karen isn’t actually just watching Netflix on the couch (😂 God love ya Karen).

1. Online Chat

Get on Slack people, or any other online chat platform you prefer for that matter. It is *crucial* that everyone checks in each morning and keeps the team up to date with their progress and movements. Set check-in points throughout the day for everyone to update where they’re at. Saying things like ‘Morning!’, ‘Having lunch now’, ‘See ya tomorrow fam’ and sending the odd GIPHY is going to keep you connected and across what’s happening in everyone’s corner – perfecto!

2. Video Calls

Bring the team together via video – it’s practically real life! Allow time for everyone to catch up and talk about their lives, and then have a set agenda for the meeting to make sure everything is covered. Have time for questions to make sure everyone is across their areas. Skype, Zoom and Google Hangouts are great for this.

3. Get Creative

Communicating in person vs. digitally is so different and can be really frustrating. Things can often get miss understood because we don’t have all of that visual and energetic information we would if we were in the studio together. This is why you have to get creative in giving clear communication. Draw diagrams, create Pinterest boards, share links or film an interpretive dance if you have to!!, just make sure you’re giving the person you’re communicating with the best possible chance of really getting exactly what you mean.